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Montasola Agriturism Montepiano, close to Rieti,
will offer an unique staying you'll not forget.
Montasola municipality

Montasola municipality

Montasola is located in Sabina, a short distance north of Rome. According to historians the earliest settlement here began in ancient Roman times and was known by the name Laurum, that is, the town of laurels. Here, north-west of Casperia, is where Many poets such as Virgil and Horace lived and enjoyed the ideal climate and fine local cuisine.

Present day Montasola, a charming vehicle free, walled hill top village, is thought to have been founded in 1191, during the reign of Pope Celestino III, as evidenced by an inscription in the façade of the local Church of Sts. Peter and Thomas.


The town was long dominated by the noble families of Savelli and Orsini until in 1592 it was placed under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy See. In his 1789 book "Sabina sacred and profane, ancient and modern”, Sperandio, a famous eighteenth century historian tells of an important hospital that was founded in 1712 in Montasola by Francesco Cimini. Adjoining the hospital is a little, late baroque church which houses a beautiful oil painting depicting the "immaculate conception" and dating from the first decade of the 18th century.



Il Borgo di Montasola


Inside the above mentioned church the building of which started as far back as 1199, there is an interesting fresco depicting Mary and Jesus enthroned with St. Peter on their left and St. Francis on their right. Experts date the painting to the end of the 13th, or beginning of the 14th century. The alter dedicated to the Madonna of Rosario is also interesting due to the beautiful carved wood molding. Over the lintel of the entrance, is engraved in Roman numerals, the number 1721, the year in which the church had been restored.


The cemetery church of Santa Maria of Morelle is worth special mention as the site of the founding of Laurum. The sacred building has a 14th century facade embellished with marble inserts depicting lions, eagles and other animals. These were probably taken from the remains of classical building which existed at the time in the area. The church was restored in 1693 by one Angello Bonelli who added an organ, a pulpit and precious holy water fonts.


Vista di Montasola


The economic and social life of Sabina can be said to focus on the unique and unsurpassable product of olive oil. Sabina is one of the Italian regions that have achieved official recognition (DOP, DOC) for their olive oil production.


Generally from the end of October to mid-December, in Sabina, it is possible to visit the various olive oil mills and presses where the extraction of the oil is in full operation. There it is possible to taste the newly manufactured oil with bruschetta - a slice of toasted bread rubbed with garlic and amply sprinkled with olive oil.




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